Architect Tom Kundig knew from day one who he was designing this building for: a team of innovators who are always challenging the status quo. Raw materials, blank walls, and streams of natural light invite creativity from the team.

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Tom KundigArchitect


Audio Transcript

“Is there a way to make a place that feels beautiful but unfinished? So it’s a place for creatives to come in and realize, ‘I’m working for a large company, but there’s a sense here that they’re looking for the next horizon.’ This is not a suit and tie, hanky in the shirt pocket or the suit pocket. This is a place where there’s a little bit of an uncomfortable leading edge where there’s a little unbalance in a way. You just know everybody is looking for that next thing. I hope that—it’s definitely not a place that you come in and you think it’s finished… we were also trying to say that: that the athlete’s life is always unfinished. It’s always about trying to find that next edge.” – Tom Kundig

Sketches of the LeBron James Innovation Center by architect Tom Kundig
Early drawings of the Nike Sport Research Lab